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Scientology Answers
by L. Ron Hubbard

Authored as a companion piece to “Philosophy Wins After 2,000 Years,”
Mr. Hubbard’s 1966 “Scientology Answers” presents a vista of freedom quite beyond what philosophers of old imagined possible.

Man has asked a great many questions about himself.

Such questions are “Who am I?” “Where do I come from?” “What is Death?” “Is there a Hereafter?”

Any child asks these questions, yet Man has never had answers that long satisfied him.

Religions have various answers to these questions and they belong in fact in the field of religious philosophy, since this is the area of Mans knowledge that has sought to answer them.

Religions have various answers to these questions and they belong in fact in the field of religious philosophy, since this is the area of Man’s knowledge that has sought to answer them.

Answers have varied through the ages and race to race and this variation alone is the stumbling block which brings disbelief into faiths. Old religions fade because people no longer find their answers to the above questions real.

The decline of Christianity is marked by modern cynicism about a Hell where one burns for an eternity and a Heaven where one plays a harp forever.

Materialistic sciences have sought to invalidate the entire field by shrugging the problem off with the equally impossible answers that one is merely meat and all life arose by spontaneous and accidental combustion from a sea of ammonia. Such “answers” sound more like pre-Buddhist India where the world was said to be carried on seven elephants that stood on seven pillars which stood on a turtle and, in exasperation to the child’s question as to what the turtle stood on, “Mud! And it’s mud from there on down!”

It is the nature of Truth that if one knows it, even more things get understood. The disease and decay of Asia tends to invalidate their concepts as Truth and in the West, war, where soldiers saw “Gott Mit Uns” [“God with us”] on the slain enemy belt buckles, tended to end the domination of the churches of those times—for God could not be on both sides of such Devil’s work, or so the soldiers reasoned.

Even Christ’s great commandment of “Love Thy Neighbor” seems to have less force today in a world of income tax, inflation and the slaughter of civil populations in the name of peace.

So without in any way condemning or scorning any man’s beliefs, Scientology arose from the ashes of a spiritless science and again asked—and answered—the eternal questions.

That the answers have the force of Truth is attested by the results. Instead of the sickness of religious India, Scientologists are seldom ill. Instead of internal warfare such as the riots of Alexandria, Scientologists live in relative harmony with each other and have skills that restore relations rapidly.