Official L. Ron Hubbard Video: Heritage Site in Fitzrovia, London, Scientology Growth

Fitzroy House
London, England

Once the residence of George Bernard Shaw, in 1956 the Fitzroy House became L. Ron Hubbard’s base of operations and the home of the London office of the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International.
The Fitzrovia neighborhood surrounding London’s Fitzroy Square dates from the eighteenth century and is renowned as one of England’s most famously peopled literary haunts. From H. G. Wells and George Orwell, to Charles Dickens and Virginia Woolf, Fitzrovia has boasted a veritable who’s who in British literature. Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw further distinguishes us for the fact he lived in 1881–82 on the first floor of 37 Fitzroy Street, a legendary address in Scientology history.

In late 1956, 35/37 Fitzroy Street was acquired by the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International and served as L. Ron Hubbard’s London office and headquarters for Scientology organizations of the time. The five-story structure included a Hubbard Communications Office to service the Commonwealth, as well as Scientology course rooms and administrative spaces for the London and United Kingdom Churches.

The original Hubbard Communications Office, located on the ground floor, was designed to advance the Scientology religion while keeping Scientology data and information “clean and clear.” It was from this office that L. Ron Hubbard’s worldwide communications for the burgeoning religion were sent and received, and his articles and bulletins were published.

The fully renovated and restored rooms at Fitzroy present displays chronicling the growth of Scientology throughout the United Kingdom and the milestones achieved by L. Ron Hubbard through his London years.

The landmark building is visited by Scientologists to learn more about these milestones of LRH research. It also serves as a meeting place for local and national officials—to introduce them to the Scientology religion and L. Ron Hubbard’s developments and discoveries in the fields of drug rehabilitation, criminal reform and education.